Modern Monument Works

In the Monument Services Business for over 130 years

Modern Monument Works in Cleburne, Texas is both family owned and operated. We have been in the business of monument services for over 130 years. We have a well-earned reputation in Cleburne, Texas and surrounding areas.  Modern Monument Works employees are hardworking, expert craftsmen and designers loyal to our company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide compassion and understanding when suffering the loss of a loved one. Choosing a monument to memorialize a loved one is not easy.  Modern Monument Works has a strong commitment to ensure that our arrangements effectively, if not exceptionally, satisfy the needs and wishes for those we will remember within our hearts. Our presence and reputation within the community is very important to us. As a small family business, we work fiercely to earn your trust and provide the utmost compassion.


Our business is based on the belief that the needs of our customers are of the highest importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.  We do not limit our customers. If there is a design, monument or headstone you're looking for, we will find it and design it for you. All of our layout and design work is done at our store, which ensures our customers receive the best price. We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best products in the industry.

Service of Our Community

Memorials to Veterans and our Community

Modern Monument Works is dedicated to the service of our community, offering compassionate support in helping families honor their loved ones. With artisanal-crafted memorials, our team creates distinctive pieces of art showcasing your loved one’s personal legacy. We we pride ourselves in caring for personal, community, and historic monuments to restore pieces of personal history.

Creating a beautiful monument that endures begins with creative and insightful design. Our team of craftsmen and designers at Modern Monument Works in Cleburne, Texas work with customers to understand their treasured memories and desired features to bring their dreams to reality. Close communication with our staff ensures that your final memorial is a true testament that will last a lifetime.

Communities and veteran’s organizations look to Modern Monument Works for guidance, expertise, and unique designs to hone those who have served. We take great care in crafting and building memorials in Johnson County, Texas that are designed to recognize and remember those who have served with the armed forces and first responder positions. Those that serve our country deserve unique recognition for their sacrifice and valor which we believe can be memorialized in an enduring and unique monument.

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